The Vaccine: What a Trip!

Last Friday, I received my second an final vaccine against COVID-19. When I received the shot in the upper part of my left arm, and listened to the banter of the medical staff, I thought about the thousands of people who died of COVID. Over 400,000 Americans passed away over a period of a year, and now we are lined up in cars to receive the vaccine.

I thank God for science.

I received the Pfizer vaccine and yes, the second dose began building up my immunity about 1 a.m. Saturday morning. I woke up to body aches, chills, and a fever as high as 101.8. I looked up “side effects of the Pfizer Vaccine” and saw that yes, I was experiencing the side effects. My body was building immunity, as I kept thinking about feeling uncomfortable, hot and cold at the same time. I told my friend that I felt like my body was exploding.

Everyone’s journey with the vaccine, whether it’s with Moderna or Pfizer, people experienced different results.

The point to my blog today is to tell people to please register to get your vaccination. I know the supply is short right now, but it will eventually there will be enough for everyone. I am that confident in our current administration to get this done.

Most of us who have experienced the side effects think about the suffering of those who had COVID-19. One day of body aches, fever, and chills are nothing compared to those who were on respirators or in induced comas. I am glad to get the vaccination.

And, to those who think that they are injecting a microchip into our bodies – again – I’d rather have that than COVID.

Oh, America

This is in response to the horrible event that happened this past week.

Photo by Pixabay on

Lady Liberty dropped her torch in the Atlantic and removed the crown from her head.

She lowered her eyes as she heard the cries and whispered, “Democracy is dead.”

The anger filtering through the fields among America’s waves of grain,

And the hope of a better community slowly began to drain.

Flags were waved and tossed as they climbed the walls like imps from hell,

With murder on the lips of men, the crack grew longer on the Liberty Bell!

The lies and infection of the damned insurrection

Caused politicians to stop and stare

As our foreign allies and enemies laughed and glared.

The broken windows, offices wrecked, senators in crisis as they kneel

but in the spirit of fighting for freedom, democracy they did not steal.

This land is soaked with more than blood;

The tears and sweat of slaves and free caused a flood.

Resiliency, prayer, hope, and faith will never die.

Strength will come day after day; peace will not pass us by.

Oh America! Oh America! God will shed His grace on thee

and we will repair the brokenness to create great unity!

Next Year is Friday

Do Not Set a High Bar for Yourself in 2021

This Friday begins 2021.

I have seen people with their avatar pushing a stone-looking 2020 out of the picture on Facebook.

It’s cute and funny. We all get it.

2020 was awful because we all had to change our behavior when gathering together or attending public places. We had to stay at home, work from home, order food from home. There were drastic changes!

As a teacher, I had to adjust to teaching online. That was a real change because most of my curriculum was based on in-person learning. I wouldn’t be a teacher if I didn’t know how to be flexible and a problem-solver. As teachers we were stressed to keep learning “as normal” which was a tall order for many teachers who were not accustomed to teaching online or tech-savvy. We had to learn new tools such as Schoology to keep our lessons organized and accessible for our students.

Then, we had to go back into the school building with students whose parents wanted them to be there and teach them at the same time with the students online! Teachers were near exhaustion and in tears because we taught black squares with just the students’ names during our Zoom sessions.

It was depressing! I teach ninth-graders, and some of them are new! I had to ask some of them to turn on their camera because I had no idea how they looked! I didn’t know who I was teaching for most of 2020!

After Thanksgiving, teachers were given a choice to teach from home again. I chose because I have asthma and I am a diabetic; and, the COVID numbers increased. The first-responders have it hard to ease the pain of the afflicted with the disease and teachers have to be present and aware while teaching with a mask.

Now we have a vaccine or vaccines available to fight against Coronavirus. In Arizona, they are looking to inoculate educators next because we need to get our students back into school. I have to admit that I have my reservations about the vaccine, but what else can I do? I get the flu shot every year and I do well with it overall; however, I am unsure about the vaccine’s strength and aggressiveness. Science like this usually takes years and years to get it right, but these pharmaceutical companies are sure of the vaccines, even after spurts of studies.

I have the feeling that everyone wants to leave 2020 behind, but in reality, we cannot do that. The beginning months of 2021 will have remnants of 2020. The beginning of a new presidential administration will be a relief, yet, the Biden-Harris team will have a lot to clean up and sort out after Trump leaves office. We can’t expect miracles to occur in the first few weeks; this is when we will need a lot of patience.

Also, I am not going to claim a resolution that I will not keep. There are small goals that I promise not to ignore anymore. For one, I want to keep writing. I enjoy writing and I want to continue to enjoy it. I want to start reading for enjoyment and relaxation again because reading is something I enjoy! I want to take walks around the neighborhood and the university because I love the fresh air and my dog loves being outside too. If you noticed, I did not mention I lose weight or save money, or eat well. That doesn’t mean I will not do those things, but I will not put them on a list of priority resolutions – I refuse to flow with traffic because 2021 has to begin differently than other years prior.

We have changed in the last few months in 2020. Our attitudes toward health and well-being have shifted. It is a no-brainer that taking care of ourselves should and will always be at the forefront. Therefore:

I will continue to wear a mask even after I receive the vaccination.

I will continue to wash my hands (as I have always done).

I will continue to physically distance myself from others.

Yes, we will embrace 2021 like a hero rescuing people from sudden disaster; but, we cannot go back to what we have known before all of this has happened. Too many people have died from COVID (over 300,000 in the United States) for us to think we can resume business as usual. Maybe I watch the news too much, but I am trying to be a realist.

I am sharing this with all of you: Do not set a high bar for yourself in 2021. Take it easy and enter 2021 quietly and gently. Be kind to yourself – love yourself – take care of yourself mentally first. We are exiting a rough ride, and we need time to breathe and set a course to learn what 2021 will bring us.

After all, 2021 is on Friday.

Football is Life!

 I am a woman who loves football!

I have a favorite team: Dallas Cowboys, and no matter how many haters are out there, I am a true-blue fan! Ever since I could understand the game of football, I loved to watch it!

My brothers played football – my oldest brother played football in college and I was excited to go watch him play in Phoenix.

selective focus close up photo of brown wilson pigskin football on green grass
Photo by Jean-Daniel Francoeur

“We gonna watch Eric play feetball!”

My parents told me that I would say while sitting between my parents on the road on I-10 to Phoenix. When we would meet my brother on the field after the game, I stood stretching my neck and eyes up to see these guys towering above me! They all smelled sweaty and had dirty uniforms after a rough game. They didn’t look like 18 or 19-year-old boys – they looked like older adults. Well, to me at that time, they were older men!

So, my taste of football started early, and I have enjoyed watching the game ever since! I don’t know exactly what it is about football, but it is entertaining and exciting! Even if my favorite team is not playing, I will watch football. My friend always asks, why do I watch other teams? I don’t know! It’s not like I’m scouting how they play – I enjoy watching the game!

I had a stint in sports writing for a newspaper when I was younger, and I had dreamed about writing for Sports Illustrated one day. Well, that didn’t work out. I wondered if I could ever coach football, but, of course, I didn’t pursue that fantasy either.

I would love to own a football team (pipedream). However, I satisfy all of these dreams by playing fantasy football on ESPN. I have a team called the Pandemonium Pandas. Right now, my team is 3rd in the league.

I guess I am rambling on about football because, during this pandemic, I was glad to see that the NFL decided to go ahead with the season. Yes, a few teams suffered from COVID issues, but so far, the season has continued. It’s too bad about the college football season since they decided to cut it short, and many college teams who might have had excellent chances for bowl games did not make it.

When football season is over – there is a lull for me. It is anti-climatic. I can get into the NBA games (my favorite team is Boston, btw) but it doesn’t give me that same sense of excitement as football does!

I believe the field of football has opened so many opportunities for females! There is an assistant coach on the San Francisco 49ers; there is a female official, more women are seen on ESPN/NFL LIVE and calling games! Finally, I don’t feel like a freak of nature because I love the sport! I wrote a short story titled “Football Freaks” about a family whose lives gravitate around football: the husband is a winning high school football coach, the wife is a doctor, twin sons who play in the NFL, a son who is a standout high school quarterback, another son who is in little league football, and the baby, who is their only daughter. I am excited to work on this concept into a novel!

I can compare football to life: everybody is on a team, and everybody on that team has a specific role on the team. A quarterback is a person who usually executes the plan for each player – carefully guiding them through the obstacles. As you know, we are either on the offensive or defensive side of life (or both sides). And there are so many optional plays to make to get to our goals. When something attacks us, we need a plan and help from others to execute that plan. I guess that is why I like football more than basketball; basketball focuses on the one who can shoot three pointers; I’ve seen players take the ball down the court, not pass it to another teammate, and dunk the ball to show off their skills.

Maybe that is why I love football – it is a team sport. At least in my eyes, it’s more of a team sport than basketball.


There is a building over there that I have never been inside of

It might sound crazy, but there are some streets in my city that I have never driven on either.

I wonder sometimes when I can go wandering in my own backyard; when can I see those mysterious places that have eluded me for so long?

Everyday I work. I get up in the morning. I get ready for work. I work. I go home. I watch television. I eat. Play with my dog. Grade. Go to bed. And I dream.

I dream about airplanes falling from the sky. I dream about my parents driving around. I dream about living in this massive house with several rooms. I dream about monsters coming after me. Then I wake up, exhausted and start the day over again.

When will I be able to see the animals at the zoo again? When can I sit in the park and listen to nothing?

I remember a time when I didn’t feel so restless or tired. I want that again. I need that again.

Imagine breathing again! Imagine looking at everyone with a smile on your face and when they ask “How are you?” You can answer: “I’m feeling energized!”

Oh, COVID. Oh, pandemic. Oh, working online.

Wearing a Bra

Yes, that is correct. I am going to write about wearing a bra. That confounding trap that most women wear daily until they are at home and decide not to leave for the rest of the day, then the bra becomes a slingshot.

But, the bra is containment that suppresses freedom. Now, don’t get me wrong – I am not asking women to burn their bras or go braless (I, for one, cannot do that in public); I am wondering how many women are in charge of companies that make bras?

Now history tells me that the trademark and patent for the brassiere was granted to Mary Phelps Jacob. With two handkerchiefs and ribbons, Jacob maneuvered the material to lift and separate the breasts to adjust to the fashion and style during that era.

Well, in any case, the confinement of a bra has become my nemesis ever since the pandemic. Now don’t get me wrong, as a teacher who teaches online, I do wear the appropriate clothing; however, after work, I am faster than a speeding bullet when it comes to taking off the bra. Some of you might be thinking that I have ill-fitting bras, and you might be right. What I want to know is “Is there a comfortable bra out there?”

I am looking for a bra that is soft and doesn’t grind into my skin underneath my breasts or on my shoulder blades. Also, it needs to be affordable! Any type of women’s product is always so expensive!

So, if you know of such a bra, please let me know in the comment section and I will try it out!

“How” to be Thankful in the Time of COVID

There is a sweep across social media by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints – the gratitude challenge. While I don’t agree with the LDS’ doctrine, I am thankful that they are in agreement to soak social media with grateful words and thoughts.

Therefore, as a non-LDS member, but a Christian and a woman who loves to reflect, I want to say Thank you to God for sustaining me and keeping me healthy through these critical months. I thank God daily for waking me up and allowing me to work when so many people have lost their jobs – lost their loved ones during this year.

I have to be honest. I get downright angry because of the many decisions made in this country and at my job. I complain, yes, and I cry. There are times that people may think I have no faith in my God; it’s not that at all. I don’t have faith in myself. There is a scripture in 2 Corinthians 12:10 that reads “That is why, for Christ’s sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am strong.” When I get beaten down, I feel God’s power surround me and I keep getting back up. I will not stay down.

What can we be thankful for? 2020 has been inundated with trials, heartaches, uncertainties, anxieties. We have seen businesses close, people lose their jobs; churches closed and schools educating their students online. We’ve seen the number of deaths from COVID and they are still rising – even as we enter into the holiday season. But, you ask, what can we be thankful for?

Be thankful for the hope that is soon approaching. We have voted in an administration that is focused on the health and safety of the Americans – the administration that is not about the “me” attitude but the “US” direction. I am thankful that we will have a president who takes the duty of the presidency seriously.

However, this is what I am feeling today. Many families have lost loved ones due the COVID-19 pandemic. I have had close friends who have lost relatives and I sympathize with them. How do these grieving families embrace Thanksgiving? Perhaps they can look around has supported them through the tough times.

It’s funny. Every time I get to the end of one of my blogs, I reread and I ask myself “What’s my point? What am I trying to share?” Well, this is not a how-to blog. It is a “when you feel thankful, be thankful” message.

I’m not going to tell you how to be thankful. Be thankful because you want to be.

Thank you to my siblings: Doris, Elaine, and Timmy for reminding me how much our parents loved us.

Thank you to my family: For loving your aunt even if she doesn’t reach out as much as she should!

Thank you to my friends: For the calls, the laughter, the complaints, the listening ears.

Thank you to my church: A church that didn’t miss a beat during this pandemic. We don’t need walls to praise the Lord – we need each other!

Thank you to my former students: They checked in with me and asked if I needed anything during this time of COVID.

2021. We will welcome you and embrace you. There may be remnants of 2020 that we will bring with us, but I am hoping those particles will dissipate as we move forward to a hopeful and healing year.

History Tells Us…

My colleague mentioned how he wanted to share George Washington’s Farewell Address with his 11th grade English class because Washington placed some warnings in his address that we are witnessing right now. This piqued my interest as I never have closely read the address; it is lengthy and not my type of reading, but I was very interested in Washington’s warnings when it came to political parties.

Washington was in pain and did not want to seek another term. He resigned from the presidency, but before he left the highest office in the United States, he had James Madison and Alexander Hamilton help him draft the speech. Washington asked that people put their selfish needs aside and come together in unity. He said, “Your Union ought to be considered as a main prop of your liberty and…the love of the one ought to endear you to the preservation of the other.” Together as one…together we’re free.

Although the government was young and Washington was the first president, he could see some demons surrounding political parties – maybe not 200 years into the future – but some insight from his critics. Whatever the case may have been, one of Washington’s warnings was the loyalty of a political party over the nation was dangerous. Washington called voting according to loyalty of a particular political party rather than the common interest of the nation leads to a “spirit of revenge” and the rise of “cunning, ambitious, and unprincipled men” who would “usurp themselves the reins of government; destroying afterwards the very engines, which have lifted them to unjust dominion.”

Hmm. This sounds familiar. Washington understood the hearts of men who didn’t think about the needs of the American people. Now, I know during this time, slavery was in existence and slaves were not considered men or women, but now that we are beyond that awful era, Washington’s words echo clear in 2020, especially what Trump is doing and not doing after the election.

Another pertinent warning Washington provided in his speech is entanglements with foreign governments. He believed that the United States needed to be on good terms with foreign nations, especially being neutral in their affairs; however, he believed that if the United States’ officials and political parties access “foreign influence and corruption.”

What I believe is that Washington’s words are manifesting themselves in the Republican party at this moment. I’m not saying that Democrats are innocent, but currently, in our lives, Washington’s warnings have not been heeded by our government. To be honest with you, I believe that Trump will want to create his own political party and create a second Civil War in this country.

However, I am hoping that the temper tantrums will cease and that some Republican official will open his or her eyes and say “Wait a minute! We are wasting money and time! We need to move forward.” Or, maybe a psychiatrist will say, “Seriously, Trump is sick. He exhibits the signs of (fill in the blank).”

I heard on the news that Biden isn’t worried about Trump. He is taking the high road. He’s not getting distracted by the “sore loser” tendency Trump is emitting. I don’t know if you noticed, but while Trump is self-absorbed in losing a suing states, COVID has immersed Americans and mobile morgues are back!

So, what is important? Pacifying a grown man who disregards American policies set up by the Founding Fathers? Or, trying to save our nation from the deadliest disease this world has ever seen to get our Americans back to work?

Revenge is not good, as Washington mentioned in his speech. The rise of unprincipled men (and women) is causing our country to look weak. I am not sure if Trump wants to resemble Putin, but his cronies are elevating him to a dangerous point of dictatorship.

Anyway, I found the speech interesting and a bit frightening. Hopefully those who read this will spread Washington’s warnings.

One More Thought Before You Vote

If any of my Facebook friends have not voted yet, I want to say something to you for a minute.

I have seen thousands of ads (and I’ll be relieved to see them go after tomorrow), and I’ve seen the debates and newscasts about the candidates. I have witnessed debates on Facebook and informative talks with friends and families about our election process and the candidates’ proposals and lies.

I have contributed my two cents regarding getting out to vote. I wrote a piece about my dad’s pride to vote every year until his death in 2008 where he did not get a chance to vote.

So, what I want to say is that a lot of people are anxious about tomorrow and after tomorrow. A lot of people are making tongue-in-cheek plans to move out of the country if a candidate is re-elected for four more years. I can agree that this is the biggest election in the history of the country because there is so much at stake. There is one thing I want to add:

Racial injustice.

Most of you don’t feel this way because the color of your skin does not pose as a threat; however, when we have a president who does not speak against the horrors of police brutality or racial injustice in this country, I believe it is time for change. I do not see what Trump has done to improve our nation; in fact, our country is being ripped apart! There are threats against the very freedoms so many people have worked hard for. You may not see it because it doesn’t affect you, but it’s there.

I have young great nieces and nephews and I want to see them grow up in a country that accepts them for who they are! I’m not going to even speak about the COVID situation.

All I want to say is when you vote – think about the people around you who might be affected by who and what you are voting for. Exercise your right – do what is right – and hopefully we can begin healing the country beginning on Wednesday, November 4th.


God Bless America and God bless you.

Saying Goodbye

You died.

I longed to find you and tell you that I’ve loved you and that you broke my heart – but you died.

I spoke to your son – your son you had with another woman – a woman whom you kept secret from me and on that night my anger seeped through my pores when you broke my heart. I was dangerous, but in love with you.

You broke my heart again because you died.

I remember that chilly night in the warm jacuzzi when you charmed me with your boyish grin and your strong arms and the careful way you held me.

The night I sung our song to you as we drove down the highway – a song I hear in my head – even now – you smiled and looked over at me. I loved you.

I was ready to change my name to yours. I was ready to go away with you.

All of it is now vapor.

All of these years I’ve searched for you and when I finally find you – you’re gone. Every relationship I had, you were there. They couldn’t love me like you loved me. They couldn’t hold me, like you held me. They weren’t you.

If we were together, tonight I’d be alone – missing you –

Here I am. Alone. Missing you because you died and I loved you.

To Brian Keith Miles. I loved you so much. Rest in Peace.