Hello God? We have a problem!

The United States is hurting. There is a painful surge of anger and damage that is spreading throughout people of color – African Americans and White people who understand the plight. People of color are feeling the sting of the injustices that are clearly present and dangerous lurking around almost every corner in this country.

I will name the problem because you can do this yourself. I know there are some people who will still utter “All Lives Matter” or “Not all cops are bad.” Yes. We know this. However, not all black people are bad either. Not all Mexican people are dirty. The Chinese do not carry diseases. The Native Americans are not alcoholics. And, yes, not all white people are racist!

The pain that is finding its way into the heart of America needs to be soothed. We are in pain and in the middle of an election, where there is a lot of finger pointing and flexing, there are people who are sitting at home in silence wondering what they can do to even survive in this land we call “Opportunity.”

I haven’t written in a long time because I’ve been one of the silent ones – quietly seething, yet praying for answers of peace and understanding. The screaming lies of hate and misunderstanding are louder than the peace most people want. I cry and I weep alone. I am the last child of two people who were in the middle of racism and injustice. My parents were born in 1917 and 1919, so you know throughout their lives what they had faced, but they both courageously raised seven children to be bold in faith and to pursue life.

Yes, faith. My inheritance. Faith in God.

How do I stand strong in this firestorm of confusion? Faith. I’ve asked God what is going on? I’ve asked God to help us. I’ve asked God to take care of us. Some non-believers may feel that there is no God – but in my experience, there is. God is watching despite what you might feel. God is working despite what you may see. This is the time to believe in Him because evil is present. Evil is prevalent.

How do you battle evil?

You have to have God on your side. During this battle, I feel some peace. I may crack and break down but it only lasts a little while. I retreat into meditation and pray to revitalize my soul. My armor is damaged when I allow these trying times to creep inside of my being.

I am not denying the anger and frustration I feel; oh yes, I have emotions and I have breakdowns; however, I get back up and start again. I will not be defeated by the hate and anger.

In the Bible, there are warnings of such days as these. God had asked people to turn away from their wicked thinking and actions to be spared from the chaos and fight we are witnessing today. God has warned us. God has warned us about false prophets and people who claim to have love and God on their side.

Beware of high officials. Beware of friends who say “I agree with you, but…” Beware of those who do not want to sow seeds of peace and understanding.


I am consciously aware of people’s words and actions. I am watching closely to what people are saying about what is happening to our country. There are times I want to step back and close myself off from them, but I cannot. There may be some people who think I am ignorant or not well-informed; but how wrong they are! I was a trained journalist and I observe people’s behavior deeply. That’s why I am a teacher – I am trying to get my students to observe and think deeper.

I can’t teach them about God-but I can live my life before them to help them understand to look within themselves and make hard decisions that will deepen awareness. I choose literature to help them with that process. Education is not about reading, writing, and arithmetic anymore; it is about how to survive in a world that is not forgiving.

You might think I am only talking about the racial injustices and BLM movement, but I am also talking about COVID-19 too. We have a leader in office who is placing Americans in harm’s way. People are following him like he is a new religion. They are drunk with this president. He encourages ignorance and paranoia; he has no plan to help the country and he has been successful in dividing the country. God has warned us about a person like him too.

I have had my inner demons and fights these past few months. I wanted to retreat and cover my eyes and mouth to not say anything. But I can no longer hold my peace.

We are fighting evil, my friends. We are fighting forces that will penetrate your closest friends and family members. These spirits will brainwash folks into believing that protesters are violent (people with evil intentions are infiltrating those peaceful protests); these spirits are dividing and conquering hearts of men and women who should be in positions to protect and serve; these spirits are entering people who have the influence and power to change laws.


Change the lens.


Listen deeply to that still small voice inside of you. Quiet your thoughts. Stop talking and listen for a change.

Author: L.S. Watson

Hi. My name is L.S. Watson, and I'm an English teacher at a charter high school. I enjoy traveling (my favorite places are Rome and Paris), writing poetry, and watching documentaries. I have a lovable yet stubborn Yorkie-Poo named Chuy.

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