I’m Going to Write this Down…


I don’t know if you know this, but I’m a blogger. I haven’t written anything for awhile because when I think about something to write, I think about you. Yes. You. I wonder if you’ll ever read this blog and do you care enough to read it. But, I have to remember that I was given a gift of writing. Writing is important to me although I do not do enough of it. It’s almost as if I’m denying who I am because I am afraid of what you’ll think of my writing.

It has been said that too many people air their “dirty laundry” on Social Media. Do you know why people write out frustrations about friends and family members? It’s because it’s a forum of strangers. Also, it’s a safe place to call out people and you can delete the backlash if anyone dares to comment. My blogs are not to air dirty laundry or call people out (unless you’re a politician), but to share my random thoughts (the title of my blog).

Perhaps I’m not an interesting person and right now, you’re probably bored with this blog, but I have to keep writing. It doesn’t matter if you read this or not, I am going to keep writing.

I am currently reading a book titled Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, a Nigerian female, award-winning writer. This book is a National Bestseller and winner of the National Book Critics Circle Award.  It is a fantastic read and I am enjoying it immensely! I’ve never realized that “Non-American blacks” (a name she refers to in the book for African people living in America), have the same revelations about America as the African-Americans. The character in the book processes a lot of traditions, customs, attitudes, and personalities the same way as I do…which is incredibly interesting. The book is an experience and gives me pause to look at myself to find that I need to find my voice and talk about such experiences.

With this book, I am finding that I need to continue to use this forum – WordPress.com to continue with my writing. It’s January 2018, and I have something to say. I’ve been wanting to talk to you for a very long time, and I have some interesting conversations to share with you.  I am hoping that as I simply write my random thoughts, I do not offend anyone, and I am hoping to entertain, educate, and forge opinions that run deep below the superficial world. I have some enlightening conversations with my family that I’d like to share and sometimes, as I peruse the channels on the DISH satellite, I find startling shows that suck me in and I want to ask you a few simple questions about them.

Anyway, this is an open invitation to you to read my blog from time to time. I am hoping that you will find something intriguing and decide to follow me. In the meantime, stop airing your dirty laundry on Social Media. We have a president who does that and we really don’t need any more garbage out there.

Author: L.S. Watson

Hi. My name is L.S. Watson, and I'm an English teacher at a charter high school. I enjoy traveling (my favorite places are Rome and Paris), writing poetry, and watching documentaries. I have a lovable yet stubborn Yorkie-Poo named Chuy.

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